Audio excerpts

Shenja was born and bred in St. Petersburg but currently lives in Berlin. You can hear her voice in over 120 of the world’s most renowned museums and cultural sites.

As a native speaker of Russian with a perfect, dialect-free command of the language, she provides voice recordings with expressive intonation for a range of formats. You will benefit from her first-class training as an actress, narrator and singer at the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (now the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts), but also from her many years of experience as a narrator.

The timbre of her voice: warm, elegant, nonchalant, tomboyish, tender, dramatic, humorous and always perfect.
Her wide vocal range allows her to voice characters of different ages, as well as recording audio books, e-learning material and advertising.
She speaks German with a slight accent.

In cooperation with experienced colleagues Shenja offers translations from German, French and English into Russian.

Editing, audio directing, consultation, text production for voice recordings, voice-overs and advertising. Clients include:

Antenna International GmbH    –   Audio berlin    –    Berliner Synchron GmbH    –   Orpheo Deutschland GmbH    –   Tonwerkstatt Voß    –    Linon   –    Bayrischer Rundfunk   –   WDR   –    ALEXA-Audioproduktion    –    Filmpool Köln